Gabriel Acevedo Velarde - Escenario

 Observation Deck x Gallery Baton 
UPCOMING EXHIBITION in Hannam-dong, Seoul, Korea

Gabriel Acevedo Velarde, Escenario, 2004, animation, 3 mins 



22 JUNE - 3 AUGUST 2018

'Escenario (animation, 3 mins, 2004)' by Peruvian artist, Gabriel Acevedo Velarde (B. 1976) will be played at Observation Deck, the video art project space of Gallery Baton. Gabriel studied art in Lima as well as in Mexico City, and is currently based in Berlin. He explores modern thought and culture in search not so much of truth or significance as they appear in the narrow representation of individuals, but in terms of the currents, waves and vibrations with which desire, imagination or the intellect pierce crowds and bodies.

About Escenario :  The defense of childhood as a stage of pure innocence produces adults for whom the public, in the context of global capitalism, is a kind of giant womb of entertainment and healthy competitiveness. The social orchestration of fame is taken as harmonic, sometimes epic; but in that musically, politics is seen as dissonant, foreign, subversive. People only lose their innocence when they recognise their own complicity. 


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